Over the past 30 years and especially during the last decade, NDS has experienced steady, increased growth in providing a range of services to its clientele. This is because NDS has developed and refined project management and delivery techniques that have greatly increased operational efficiency that make possible the implementation of the necessary actions and communications to move a construction project from start to finish without any significant interruption.

The key to this is fast and efficient communications between all project team members that are participating in a given project. NDS must be able to quickly reach large groups of reliable construction industry service professionals, contractors, sub-contractors and material suppliers, make them aware of and inform them about a Project, make them a part of a project team, provide them with specifications, then schedule and coordinate the flow of their combined efforts.

NDS is able to do this much more efficiently and effectively and achieve the objectives of its clients if its project team members are capable of utilizing and participating in the "Electronic Communications Mediums" that are available today via the World Wide Web. Cell phones and facsimile machines helped speed up communication in our industry but today, Email transmittal & receipt of specifications, drawings and other communications via the World Wide Web are fast becoming a necessity for those businesses who want to participate and communicate.

So, the objective of NDS Web Services is to help provide those essential communication capabilities to present and future NDS Group project team members (that donít already have them) who work throughout the state of Nebraska on NDS Projects. This Web Service Division is not set up to operate as a "Profit Center" for NDS. For this reason, the fees charged for these web services are unusually low to NDS Team Members. This division is staffed with professionals who are highly experienced and capable in the field of Custom Web Site setup, design and hosting.

Contact Gary Butts at (402)430-1157 to find out more about the 
NDS WEBCOM System. NDS Web Services is a Division of NDS, Inc.

NDS WEBCOM is a Communication System being developed by
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